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Das ist nicht mein Bier (‘Multidiom’ #1)

I re-started to study German a short time ago. I love the language. And I missed it.

The funny and interesting thing for us language-freaks is to see how a language is taught in different countries and for natives of different languages.

For example, my German teacher in London gets a bit frustrated sometimes when we don’t ‘guess’ the meaning of a word or expression, saying: ‘But it’s close to the English one!’ or ‘But you have something similar in English!’

The funniest one (for me) was this idiom, as it reflected both cultures or, at least, the clichés we have about them. And what about the Spanish translation? So I just thought that it would be interesting and funny to have idioms translated into some of the languages I know (Spanish, English, French and German).

You can take a glimpse into a culture through their idioms.

You can take a glimpse into a culture through their idioms.

The idea came to me because my teacher has the custom of asking us at the end of each lesson about our favourite word of the day. And because I laugh a lot with Spanish sayings and their cards in ‘from-lostiano’ [ES].

But, of course, I need your help: How is this idiom in your mother tongue? I.e. Does the ‘beer’ turn into a coffee cup in Italian?

Do you know of any idiom that has an interesting or funny translation into another language? Post it on a comment and I’ll make a card for it!

Or maybe you’re curious about how that funny or favourite idiom is translated into Spanish. Again: just let me know and I’ll make a card for it for a future post.

I’ll have this as a regular Thursday post, when I have German lessons. Though I can’t promise that we’ll have a German idiom or word every week.

(You can read all of them at the Facebook album ‘Multidioms’.)

2 thoughts on “Das ist nicht mein Bier (‘Multidiom’ #1)

  1. Ah, ojalá hubiera visto esta entrada antes, Fátima. Es curioso cómo a veces hay frases hechas que reflejan cuestiones culturales de las que a veces no somos conscientes.
    Aquí en el instituto de vez en cuando oigo frases traducidas literalmente del alemán, pero mi favorita hasta ahora es “Mañana también es un día” (“Morgen ist auch noch ein Tag”), me parece que contradice algunos tópicos sobre Alemania.

    • Jajaja. La verdad es que sí, es muy curioso. A mí me hizo mucha gracia éste de la cerveza, por lo de los clichés.
      Muchas gracias por comentar, Lucía.
      Y si oyes alguna frase o expresión curiosa más, let me know! 😀

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