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Your flight LDN0813 has been delayed

sick owl

Computer down, jet lag… I need a holidays from this holidays.

Hello there!

I am sorry, I am really sorry for being such a bad person and not saying anything here or via Facebook… in Twitter I hinted it a bit, though.

I’ve been on holidays for two weeks. Two weeks back at home, enjoying the sunshine, the food, my friends, my family… And thanks to my phone and my brother’s computer, I wasn’t completely disconnected from the e-world. But I wanted to unwind, so I just checked urgent e-mails and read a bit…

But, oh, surprise! When I got back to London I discovered that my computer had decided to take holidays on his own. Employees, please, let us know when you are taking your holidays, because we need to organise ourselves with what is left. Yes, I’m talking to you, short-lasting phone battery, and Italian coffee-maker.

So, in the meantime, I was stuck with the wilful tiny screen on my phone and the summer times of my local libraries. Oh, and did I say that I don’t like Facebook on the phone? I love my tabs, guilty of charges.

So now here I am, back. But really busy with work. Which is good. So maybe now I’m going be able to enjoy the London sun and go out and enjoy activities and more, but maybe I don’t have time to write about them all.

Bear with me.

I’ll post stuff for you. Mostly via Facebook and Twitter, but I’ll try not get them very delayed or out of date… and I hope you find everything interesting and amusing.

Enjoy August!

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