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Back to school: September 2014 schedule

The summer is nearly over, and students have to think about the new lessons, new books, new stationery… Wait, I am a student no longer and I still get excited about all this when September comes: I browse the ‘Back to school’ offers in the shops and the brand new books coming out this fall and I browse Coursera and Twitter looking for events and courses to join.

There is no surprise then in finding out that suddenly I’ll have a week of non-stop activity to start this new school year. Care to join me and chat about comics, plurilinguism, literature, translation… or just to wind down with a cup of coffee.

Back to school. September 2014 schedule.

Where to find me this September.

On Wednesday 10th and Thursday 11th I’ll start my week with the LUCIDE Final Conference in central London. You can see the program here. The subject is ‘The future of the multilingual city’, and that always sounds interesting. What is London, if not a multilingual city?

Over the weekend Spanish will be taking over London, with a new edition of Lenguando bringing some very interesting people to the British capital city. I’ll be helping out during the different events, so do not hesitate to come over with a cup of coffee and say hi.

And on Monday 15th, we have the East Finchley Arts Festival appearance of the East Finchley Writers. I love that part of London and miss it greatly, but this really nice bunch of people let me go back with them to read a new story by yours truly. This event is free, and it will be the end of a very busy week, so I’ll be really happy to relax with some of you lovely people, if you feel like it.

The East Finchley Writers at the East Finchley Arts Festival 2014.

The East Finchley Writers at the East Finchley Arts Festival 2014.

So what plans do you have for this fall? Want to compare notes?

Feel free to contact me for any questions about this events or follow me on Twitter to stay updated: @FatimaLopezTRAD.

See you around London!

4 thoughts on “Back to school: September 2014 schedule

  1. Se me hace raro hablar de inicio de año escolar en septiembre, cuando acá ya vamos casi a tres cuartos del año académico. Por acá, las clases empiezan en marzo, febrero es mes de venta escolares.

      • Sí, mis padres son peruanos. 🙂
        Ay, justamente la primera vez que fuimos a Perú fue en Navidades, así que pude disfrutar de familia y primos todo el tiempo que estuve allí… ¡e ir a la playa el día de Navidad!
        Supongo que tiene sentido tener las vacaciones largas en diciembre allá, porque es verano… aquí tenemos nuestras vacaciones largas en julio y agosto, en todo el verano. 🙂

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